Junior content writer

Status: Open

How to Apply

Please send an up-to-date CV, resume, or scribbled note with previous experience and past work samples to ‘Jason@influencecopywriting.com’

Email subject has to be the title of the position.

Job Description

If you have some writing chops but wouldn’t consider yourself an expert in the field, Influence Copywriting has a seat for you. For aspiring content and copywriters, our junior content writer position can be considered an apprenticeship. Put in the time and effort (while being paid rather well) and you’ll quickly become an expert writer.


Some content agencies require a degree in Journalism, Communications, or a related field. While we value the time and investment you may make in your education, the most compelling education we seek at Influence Copywriting is real-world experience.

If you have the basics down-pat and you’re open to positive critique, we’re prepared to help you develop into a superstar content writer. You should have some experience under your belt already – maybe you’re trying to break away from your 9-to-5 job or become a digital nomad. You’ll work under a senior writer and/or an editor to grow your skills to the point where you’re considered a senior writer. And trust us, it doesn’t take that long!

Be prepared to share five or more samples of your writing, preferably published.


  • Create original content as required
  • Meet every deadline, without fail
  • Understand and comply with brand style guides and content requirements
  • Participate in content planning and strategy
  • Find inspiration to connect with the audience through written words
  • Be capable of in-depth research as needed
  • Be sales-minded on behalf of the client