Will ChatGPT Replace Human Copywriters?

AI writing is progressing so incredibly fast. Some of the inaccuracies that might’ve burned you from Jasper or Jarvis and other AI providers have been corrected – at least, the data they scrape seems to be higher value. Now, whether you’re creating content for an automotive dealership, a repair shop, a lender, or any other type of service provider or retailer, it’s tempting to just create AI content and save on copywriting costs. But is that a good idea?

It seems that writers all over the world are turning to ChatGPT and other AI programs to spit out heaps of content at a mind-numbing pace. On its own, that might seem like the smart play, but any copywriter worth their salt knows that there’s more to valuable content than just the facts that AI writing generates. It’s not a replacement for human copywriters, but it is a good tool to have. Here’s what you need to know.

What does ChatGPT say about it?

When the question is asked of OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool itself, this is the response:

“It is possible that ChatGPT and other language generation models could be used to assist with copywriting, but it is unlikely that they will completely replace human copywriters. While the technology is advanced, it may not have the same level of creativity, nuance, and understanding of the target audience that a human copywriter would have. Additionally, ethical and legal considerations may also limit the use of AI-generated content in certain contexts. Ultimately, it is likely that the use of language generation models will augment the work of human copywriters, rather than replace them entirely.”

There you have it. Even ChatGPT doesn’t think it’s a replacement for human writing. Even look at this simple blog post.

The intro paragraph identifies the audience and pain points, then poses a question. AI doesn’t do that.

There’s a well-placed H2 heading. ChatGPT doesn’t do it at all, and other AI tools don’t do that well either.

This blog presents an assumedly well-articulated argument. AI only spits out the facts.

What do I say about AI writing?

There’s definitely a place for AI tools, and it’s just one thing that copywriters can use to create effective, compelling copy. But the AI content isn’t going to compel a human to act. There isn’t a CTA because it doesn’t know the reader to suggest how they should respond. If you’re hiring a copywriter and they tell you they’ve never used ChatGPT or Jasper before, they’re either lying or a wet-behind-the-ears rookie, and you don’t want to get into business with either.

AI writing can supplement your content and create a backbone to build off of, but it’s nowhere close to what it should be without being filled out with human writing. If more than one-quarter of the content is written by AI without editing, there’s a serious problem. When writers use AI tools, it shouldn’t ever be detectable to the reader. Ever.

And that’s what you get from Influence Copywriting (the quoted ChatGPT content notwithstanding)!

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